Private kindergarden Maple Bear in Poznyaki, Osokorki Bilingual Canadian kindergarten education

Kindergarten education

  • Canadian methodologies
  • Billingual education
  • 21 century skills
  • Students centered approach
About our kindergarten

Maple Bear Kyiv offers kindergarten education for children from 3 years old. Studying at Maple Bear is an extremely exciting journey through the world of knowledge.

Maple Bear Kyiv kindergarten teachers unleash the potential and develop the talents of each child. We teach students that communication and the ability to communicate with others are the strength and wealth of everyone.

In the educational process, Maple Bear brings only the best of Canadian education: full immersion of the child in the English-speaking environment, innovation, care, a thorough approach to learning and personal development – a little man who we believe will be happy and successful; a person who can think, analyze, take responsibility, that is, be a conscious citizen of the world!

Maple Bear kindergarten groups are created with the conviction that children are very special and deserve the best! Students will take part in extremely interesting, constructive and very close to their natural perception learning activities that will help them perceive learning and the world around them easily and at the same time feel confident and comfortable.

In Maple Bear Kyiv kindergarten groups, we develop the skills, qualities and uniqueness of each child, which in the future can not be replaced by a computer: curiosity, analysis, confidence, independence, adaptability, creativity, global thinking.

The Maple Bear Kyiv team supports its young research students in a variety of missions, from planting a flower to launching a spaceship.

We want children to believe and feel that they are building their own springboard to make their dreams come true!

Admission process for kindergarten

Visiting the school


Filling out an application form


Meeting new parents and students


Meeting the school psychologist


Signing the contract

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    Kindergarten education

    Every child deserves the highest start in life and help that will reveal their potential. Children develop rapidly in the first years of their lives and the knowledge they gain from birth to 5 years of age has an important impact on their future abilities.

    Maple Bear sets high standards to ensure that children are adequately prepared for primary school. Maple Bear provides children with a wide range of knowledge and skills that lay a solid foundation for them to achieve good results in school and in life.

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    Kindergarten core curriculum

    English language and literature: in the senior kindergarten group children will be able to communicate effectively in English, understand and speak English, will know the letters of the alphabet, will be able to read basic English text, will know the techniques of correct pronunciation when learning new words, will know writing strategies for writing texts basic level, and finally be able to use and receive audio and video materials.

    Personal development and social skills: Children will learn to share, respect others, listen and understand that people have different talents and functions in our society.

    Science and technology: Children will be interested in the world around them, will know the characteristics of the most common materials, will distinguish cycles in nature through observation and will work with other students on the computer throughout the learning process.

    Creative activity: children will be able to use color, shape and media to implement their ideas. They will be able to express their impressions of music, art objects, performances and dances.

    Physical culture and health: Children’s physical skills (such as balance and flexibility) will develop, they will know the rules of safety, they will be able to share, wait their turn, engage together, and they will know the rules of behavior.

    Mathematics: children will be able to solve problems. They will learn about the laws of nature, the concepts of numbers, comparisons, sets, basic formal operations (such as addition and subtraction), 2-D and 3-D objects, simple graphs, basic types of measurement, evaluation and gain basic knowledge of probability theory .

    Development of language skills and language acquisition: children enter the Maple Bear school with a basic level of native language proficiency. When learning their native language, children go through several stages in the following order: listening, understanding, speaking, reading and writing. Any stage of language learning begins when skills development is still ongoing in the previous stages. When Maple Bear students learn English as a second language, they go through the same steps in the same sequence as when learning their native language. Studies show that learning two languages ​​at an early age promotes children’s linguistic and cognitive development.

    The method of language learning on the principle of immersion in a foreign language environment in Maple Bear schools is used for in-depth study of English. This means that children learn to listen, speak, read and write in English in a language environment where learning materials are presented in English. Lessons from the first day are conducted in English.

    Literacy, which involves listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, is one of the most important goals of Maple Bear.

    Maple bear students become









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