10 Tips for Boosting English Learning at Home

Posted in Common on Monday, October 09, 2023

Even if your child attends a bilingual kindergarten or school, it’s worth supporting bilingual education at home. Here are our tips on how to boost learning English at home.

  1. Engage in bilingual conversations with your child, fostering an environment where they regularly hear both Ukrainian and English.
  2. Make language learning fun by playing word games.
  3. Enjoy quality reading time together using resources like the Raz-Kids app.
  4. Explore English-language movies and animations that match your child’s age and language proficiency.
  5. Sing along to songs that align with your child’s interests.
  6. Spice up family time with English board games.
  7. Broaden horizons by participating in English events, from theatre visits to virtual meetings with native speakers.
  8. If you allow mobile gaming, opt for English-language versions.
  9. When possible, embark on travel adventures and showcase how language skills enrich the experience.
  10. Select a recipe in English and host a cooking workshop at home. Navigate through ingredients and instructions together.


Remember, creating a positive language environment is key, and patience is essential. Don’t expect instant results. Keep the learning journey enjoyable!


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