How to Talk to a Child About Their School Day

Posted in Common on Tuesday, October 10, 2023
You pick up your child from school and want to know how their day was and all you get is “Ok”. We want to introduce you to two strategies to get more meaningful answers from your children.

One is a long-term strategy. At the end of the day, share your experiences of the day with your child, tell them what you ate, who you met with, what meetings you had and what problems you had to solve. We are models for our children and need to show them behaviours we want them to show.

The second one is a short-term solution, which will also help them become critical thinkers and understand the art of reflecting. Try to skip the way-too-open-ended question “How was your day?” and try one of these after-school conversation starters instead.

❓What did you like most at school today? And what the least?
❓Were there any funny or sad situations?
❓What games did you play during the outdoor time and the breaks?
❓Did you learn anything new today?
❓Did anyone do anything nice for you today? Did you do anything nice for anyone?
❓At what moment did you feel proud of yourself?
❓What challenged you today? Where and why?
❓What else would you like to learn at school?
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