Infrastructure | Maple Bear Kyiv Kindergarten and primary school in Osokorki


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We have designed the Maple Bear Kyiv space in a way that provides comfort for children to both learn and relax on the school premises throughout the day. There are dedicated areas for studying, personal projects, arts and sports activities, as well as spaces to chat with friends and enjoy delicious treats. The safety and reliability of our educational environment are ensured by security personnel, video surveillance, shelter, and a generator.

The modern building covers an area of 7000 square meters. There is ample space designed with the use of contemporary, high-quality, and most importantly, eco-friendly materials that meet the highest standards because our children study here. The facility boasts good ventilation and undergoes regular hygienic cleaning. The classrooms are equipped with ergonomic furniture, quality amenities, and eye-friendly lighting, ensuring a safe learning environment. The spacious and well-lit classrooms and kindergarten groups, along with wide corridors, create a comfortable, cozy, and secure atmosphere for the children.

The 44 kVA diesel generator allowed us to provide lighting, ventilation, heating and warm food during blackouts, use interactive whiteboards, computers, tablets, and maintain the swimming pool in a suitable condition for swimming activities.

Shelter. The certified by State Emergency Service of Ukraine shelter on the basement floor is located within the school premises. Students enter it one and a half minutes after the air alert is announced and continue their education in the designated areas.

Cafeteria. Our cafeteria is a bright and airy place where students and staff can enjoy delicious, balanced and most importantly – healthy food. The furniture in the cafeteria fits the needs of the students, with different chairs and tables for appropriate age groups.

Medical office. Our school also has a fully functioning medical office where our school nurse can attend to the needs of all of our students.

Green zone. A green area, covering 1 hectare, is protected along its entire perimeter. It is a space created for children, a small green oasis amidst the concrete jungles with numerous planted trees, green lawns, and pavilions for active outdoor recreation. Most importantly, it features safe playgrounds, which are the favorite spots for our students to enjoy lessons outside as well as to spend their leisure time during breaks or after school hours.

Football field. A mini football field is also located on the territory, with astroturf and the required demarcations on the field to train our future football stars and have them taste their first victories on our field.

Basketball court. A field that will help young athletes learn all the basics of basketball. High-quality coverage, a fenced area – all that help to create a real atmosphere of a basketball match.

Gym. Spacious multifunctional sports hall with an area of ​​140 square meters with professional sports equipment and a climbing wall. A place that helps to ensure the quality of physical development of each child; a place where a child first tastes victory and learns to cope with defeat; a place that fosters a conscious attitude towards a healthy lifestyle.

The swimming pool is 12 meters long. Comfortable space to meet the needs of little lovers of the water element. Showers and locker rooms for each child. A place where every student will be able to form a healthy body and purposeful character of the winner from childhood.

Dance studio. A spacious and comfortable choreographic studio with machines and large mirrors allows children under the professional guidance of our choreographers to master a variety of dance styles. A space that promotes the development of children’s plasticity, sense of rhythm, and removal of internal clamps, fears, or experiences; a space that gives confidence in yourself and your actions.

Music studio. The music studio is equipped with a professional speaker system and the most modern professional music equipment for mastering various musical styles and directions. A place that develops students’ sense of rhythm, teaches them to master their voice and self-confidence.

Art Studio was created to teach students to draw, develop their aesthetic sense and promote the child’s awareness of basic styles and techniques of fine arts. A space that helps to reveal students’ talents, and develop their creativity, emotional intelligence and mental flexibility.

Culinary studio. The place is designed for fun and delicious activities where children can learn the basics of culinary skills and unleash their creative potential.