What is the role of our Psychologist at Maple Bear Kyiv?

Posted in FAQ on Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Upon admission, a psychologist conducts a diagnostic interview to assess a child’s readiness for learning in the Canadian-Ukrainian  Maple Bear Kyiv Kindergarten and School. Throughout the academic year, our psychologist, Olena Bohdanova, carries out individual and group sessions with students and provides psychological consultations to teachers. Further details about the psychologist’s role at Maple Bear Kyiv are provided below.

The psychologist conducts diagnostic work, including:

  • Identifying the causes of difficulties in learning by assessing the functioning of cognitive processes. 
  • Conducting diagnostics of the emotional and volitional sphere: investigating emotional state, self-esteem, motivation, anxiety, and fears.
  • Assessing the adaptation process of students to the new environment.
  • Assessing group dynamics, i.e., relationships within the student group.

Group sessions led by the psychologist include: 


📍Emotional intelligence development, 

📍Communication skills development.

The sessions incorporate mindfulness practices – relaxation and breath exercises 🧘.

Upon admission, a psychologist conducts a diagnostic interview to assess the child’s readiness to study at the Maple Bear Kyiv kindergarten and school.

The psychologist provides individual counseling sessions for children upon request and conducts individual meetings with parents. She engages in educational activities and provides consultations to teachers.

 ❗️Within the school context, the psychologist does not engage in child psychotherapy or family counselling.

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