Teachers at Maple Bear Kyiv are implementing life-long learning by their own example

Posted in News on Sunday, August 27, 2023

Training time!

Twice as many students – twice as many teachers. 

We welcome new members to the team. This academic year began with preparing the classrooms, the curriculum, and the teachers who eagerly await students on September 1st.  

While students enjoy the last bit of summer, the Canadian and Ukrainian programs completed their first week of training. The Academic Director of the Canadian program, Miss Andrea, and Maple Bear Global trainer, Marla, conduct sessions to ensure that all our teachers integrate the principles of Canadian educational philosophy and the Maple Bear curriculum, using the most modern teaching and classroom management approaches.

Here are just a few topics from this year’s training cycle:

  • Student-centred learning (the concept of individualized education, where the role of the teacher is to facilitate and consider each student’s learning styles and characteristics to ensure students’ needs are met, and their voices are heard in the classroom).
  • Classroom Management (skillful classroom management that fosters a positive emotional and psychological state for all students).
  • Backward Design (the teaching concept where the teacher’s task is not to cover a topic but to develop specific skills in students and achieve tangible outcomes).

Lifelong learning is a characteristic we instill in our students, and after this week, we have practiced it with our teachers. Our teachers continue to learn daily and receive support from the most experienced trainers of the Maple Bear academic team throughout the year. 

You can still join the Maple Bear Kyiv community and provide your child with the best learning conditions and a supportive educational environment. Call us at +380950969075.

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